HR Services

Synchronising people,
processes and technology

A dose of bad culture can poison a business. But Culture Analysis will help you to catch it early – before it spreads.

Culture Analysis is a sensitive diagnostic tool that helps you uncover and understand your employees’ perception of your organisation and the quality of their work experience. It probes the deep recesses of your business to measure the effectiveness of your management and human capital practices.

Attract and keep talent
with accurate Job Grading

Effective Job Grading helps you to create an equitable, understandable, legally defensible and competitive pay system that rewards your employees according to their responsibilities and the complexity of their jobs. This also assists you in creating a fair and equitable working environment that motivates better performance and constant improvement, and attracts and keeps top talent.

Give your HR function
a thorough check-up

With our Human Resources Audit, you can give your HR function a full evaluation. Examine your HR policies, procedures, documentation and systems to pinpoint areas for improvement and to ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

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